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The (PS)2 version 3.0 is an updated server which provides new functions for complex protein structure prediction and calculating both sequence conservation and packing density profiles. The packing density of each residue is estimated by weighted contact number (WCN), a structure-derived property equal to the number of contact residues weighted by the square of the reciprocal distances between contacting pairs. Our previous studies have related WCN to protein thermal fluctuation (1), and related WCN to site-specific evolutionary rate (2,3). Moreover, WCN have been applied both to the prediction of catalytic residues (4) and to estimate the degree of coupling between the subunits in a protein complex through comparison of WCN and conservation profiles (5). However, currently there is not yet a web server available for comparison between packing density profile obtained from the predicted 3D structure and sequence conservation profile obtained from query sequence. Here, we implement these functions to the updated server, referred to as (PS)2 v.3. his server accepts protein sequence in FASTA format and tries to builds homologous 3D structures using (PS)2 methodology (6,7). Our previous (PS)2 server has been running more than five years, and was accessed more than 5000 times per year as well as cited over 100 times. Now the updated (PS)2 server supports protein complex structure prediction. The predicted tertiary complex structure with their packing density and conservation profiles are visualized by a Java-based 3D graphics viewer.


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